Astro Ride EP

by DELTAnine

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DELTAnine, a native Baltimore talent composed of producer/sound engineer Chris Honsberger and keyboardist Jon Brady, have recently unveiled their newest work, "Astro Ride." Presented as "psychedelic bass music," this album is the mind-expanding story of a cosmic journey through darkness, mystery, and wonder. Gripped by its textural effects, masterfully blended synths, and immersive atmosphere, "Astro Ride" is a sonic odyssey you will want to embark upon over and over again.

DELTAnine kicks off the album with "Mark Datter," a song most easily described by one word: epic. Iconic melodic themes are chiseled throughout its soundscape, with plenty of layered, modulated synths inbetween. This explorative tune exemplifies balance in juxtaposition, weaving seamlessly between smooth and unsettling sections which give you the distinct feel of direction as you are propelled up, down, and everywhere inbetween. Some of the best mixing on the album is showcased within this track, delivering dozens of layers without ever feeling cluttered.

The title track, "Astro Ride," is next on the EP and from the very first note, you can tell the story is turning in a different direction. This is more of a contemplative glitch hop track, dripping with surround effects and powerful psychedelic themes. It is decidedly more percussion driven, while still retaining thick, melodic sci-fi chords to tease your imagination. Listening to this song is very much like being thrust into a portal through time and space into a deep, unexplored frontier unlike anything you've experienced before.

The third installment, "Moon Rock," is a serious, hard-hitting monster of heavy dissonant bass and aggressive rhythmic synths. The distortion and visceral effects are evidence that the journey has now reached its darkest point. Buildup and tension are a clear theme and are executed flawlessly throughout the piece, propelling you into an unforgettable adrenaline rush with each and every listen.

Next up, an exceptionally unique track called "Delorean Jet Boosters" moves the story forward, introducing a more abstract, whimsical theme. It is the most upbeat of the EP's chapters, and DELTAnine's intricate mastering does well to maintain a highly textured, supernatural vibe. A fresh mix of musical styles and instruments make this track one-of-a-kind.

"Planetary Transport" is the fifth and final song on the EP, and is arguably the most innovative of the album. It is consistently unpredictable, mashing strong world music influences with dark environments and soulful chords to keep you absolutely transfixed from start to finish. Creeping psychotropic noises and a dirty glitch lead give the track its distinct character and serve as an excellent finale to one of the most hypnotic musical experiences you'll ever undergo.

Overall, Astro Ride EP is a kaleidoscopic masterpiece of sound which leaves nothing to be desired regardless of what you look for in music. The album truly lives up to its name, taking you for a ride through the cosmos and beyond. If you're ready to see what mysteries await you in the deep void of space, put some high quality headphones on and enjoy the newest innovation from DELTAnine.


released September 11, 2015



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DELTAnine Baltimore, Maryland

Psychedelic Bass Music

Baltimore, MD

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